Lol, More Expensive Crafting for Readers :D by Mandy Rosko

I’m pretty sure I don’t *actually* have a shopping addiction. I just like to joke that I do, since, you know, I can’t often keep my money in my wallet. I need to start freezing my cards to prevent anymore spending. -_-

Here’s why: I found something else to keep the little artist in me happy when I’m not writing.

Making Jewellery.

Now I’m still a novice at this. I only made three necklaces so far, but am planning on more later on. I gave away one necklace at the Valentine’s Day Facebook event blast I was part of, looking back, the design could have been better, but the other two necklaces I made are so awesome. I put some pictures up of them on my Facebook. I think. Anyway, I’ve been wearing around the little bottle with the wolf and the purple beads for a while, and aside from some minor improvements that need to be made, I love these things.

As it happens, buying beads is expensive, unless you have the 40% off coupon from Michaels. I try not to leave home without it 😉

So first it was Copic Markers, now it’s jewellery making and water colors. I add that in there just because I am going on a water color binge, but that’s not for readers. See? I have to buy all the pretty colorful things @_@

I figured I would give the purple wolf in a bottle necklace to someone on my newsletter list to celebrate Alpha being released next month. God, I can’t wait for that, but the rest, I might sprinkle around here and there. The free classes at Michaels are an awesome way for me to get some inspiration for reader swag and prizes. The sticker maker I bought also works wonders, thank God that thing was cheap ❤

Next time I have a better photo, I’ll have to post it, but right now it’s one in the morning and I’m dying for bed.

Anyone else here a reader who likes glittery things? For scrapbooking, jewellery making, painting, etc, or just another writer who likes making the things you give to your readers. I’m curious to know 🙂



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