Proud of What I Write

I am ashamed to say that years ago, when I started writing romance novels, it was not something I eagerly shared with my more extended family, peers or friends. Why? Because my perception was that everyone thought romance was full of a bunch of smut, not great writing and superficial plots. I’m honestly not sure where this perception came from because this certainly wasn’t my viewpoint. As a fan of romance novels, I love great writing and more complex plots. I also love characters with many layers of depth and happy endings.

So why am I sharing all this? Well, what I’ve realized over time is that I’ve grown and my views have changed (of course the world and society continues to change as well and that includes in some aspects, being more accepting). I no longer look at writing romance as something trivial. After giving it a go, I realize it is very hard to do. In fact, writing a book in general is no easy feat and I have a whole different appreciation for authors now.

As I look back on my last few years and see where I started as a writer, where I got to and reflect on the road I still have to travel, I would say to others out there to embrace what is in you to write. I’ve said it jokingly before in talking to family that if I could write Harry-Potter-like books, I would, but all jokes aside, that’s also the truth. Authors talk all the time about the voices in their head and characters getting their way. We don’t necessarily belong in a psych ward, but at times our characters are so “alive” and “real” we can’t help but get them down on paper.

Moral of the story? Be proud of what you write, embrace it and challenge yourself along the way. Happy writing this week!



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