Trusting Your Gut by Heather Novak

Everyone tells you to trust your gut, trust your gut, trust your gut. They’re on to something!

But how do you trust your gut? By listening to your intuition and trusting yourself to figure it out.

It’s important as a writer

This is what I’ve discovered about my writing: the faster I write the first draft, the better the story flows. Fast Draft by Candace Havens has me finishing a first draft in two weeks. It works for me because it forces me to write from my gut. There’s no time for second guessing when you have to reach 5,000 words a day after working nine hours.

It’s important when doing book covers

I’m absolutely in L-O-V-E with my covers for The Lynch Brothers Series. A few friends recommended Lindee Robinson Photography, and after reviewing her work, I immediately went with her. I picked the models who kicked me in the gut the moment I looked at them, and I trusted my photographer to help me make the right choices. I’m not saying the first choice, I’m saying the right choice. I knew what my budget was and asked for help when I needed to figure out a way around something expensive.


It’s important in other areas of your life

Not only am I in a wedding in July, my own wedding with my Price Charming is in October. Yes, THIS YEAR! With two books signings, meetings with four agents, moving, being an awesome bridesmaid, and a bunch of other things filling the cracks between now and October, there’s no time to second guess myself. I hired a great wedding planner who is a good family friend because I knew in my gut it was the right fit. Then we both went with our gut to pick the venue, photographer, and band.

My advice? Do the research, trust your gut instinct, keep fighting the good fight.

Trusting your gut is how you can keep up with all that life throws at you. But when you don’t know the answer, trust your gut to figure out which person you can talk to about it. Keep being awesome, friends.



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About Heather Novak, Author

Bold, Breathtaking, Badass Romance. When she’s not pretending to be a rock star with purple hair, Heather Novak is crafting romance novels to make you swoon! After her rare disease tried to kill her, Heather mutated into a superhero whose greatest power is writing romance that you can’t put down. When she’s not obsessively reading or writing, Heather is trying to save the world like her late mama taught her. Heather lives in the coolest city in the world, Detroit, Michigan, with her very own Prince Charming. (He even does dishes.)
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