Dear Reader: I (will) Marry Him by Heather Novak

(Title is a reference to Jane Eyre’s famous line, “Dear Reader, I married him.”)

As a romance writer, I spend nearly every day of my life working out happy endings (or as I like to call them, happy beginnings) for my characters. Now, it’s my turn in real life! On Sunday, January 10, 2016 my very own Prince Charming proposed!!

ring on book page

I wanted to share my story with you. 

Like most writers, I had the scene all mapped out in my head with 60 different twists and turns. He’d do it at this place, on this vacation, on this date, and oy! did he fool me. Now, five years in, I knew it was coming soon. We had talked wedding budgets, gone vintage ring hunting, and made an appointment to meet with a wedding planner (because there’s no way I’m launching a book series and planning a wedding in the same year, forget that!). 

Then, after a night out seeing a live band, I got home, washed off my make up, brushed out my curls, and put on comfy pajamas. Even better? I was in bed with an ice pack on my back since I hurt myself (pretty typical). At about 10:30pm, I got up to finish getting ready for bed when I noticed a trail of handmade, felt tacos in the hallway. (What’s more amusing is I have zero idea how long they were there…)



Now, I can feel some of you pulling away. Allow me to explain — tacos are my most favorite food in the entire world, next to cupcakes. I love tacos more than I love most people. Seriously.

I digress.

I just call out, “Why are there tacos in the hallway?”
Charming replied, “Tacos.”


So, like any taco lover, I follow them down the hallway to findcupcake him on one knee (EEE!) holding a gluten free/dairy free (aka Heather-Safe) cupcake with my late 1920s ring on top. (Does he know me or what?) 

As for his proposal speech? Our favorite show is Psych, which we still watch via Netflix all the time. There’s a proposal scene in the series finale that is utterly ridiculous, so clearly Charming quoted it for me 🙂

“(Juliet O’Hara) I don’t believe in love at first sight because I didn’t need to see you to know I wanted to spend forever with you!”
(Watch the Psych version here.)

I replied with Juliet’s line, “Yes…I’ll marry the crap out of you!”
(Watch the Psych version here.)mike and me


I’m pretty excited. He’s my bestest friend in the entire world and I can’t wait for our happily ever beginning. 



Here is the meme we made for the announcement!  #NoShamememe



Did you know?
On this day in 1903, “Wizard of Oz” Premiered in NYC

Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,BannerWithInfo_ForWeb
Heather Novak
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About Heather Novak, Author

Bold, Breathtaking, Badass Romance. When she’s not pretending to be a rock star with purple hair, Heather Novak is crafting romance novels to make you swoon! After her rare disease tried to kill her, Heather mutated into a superhero whose greatest power is writing romance that you can’t put down. When she’s not obsessively reading or writing, Heather is trying to save the world like her late mama taught her. Heather lives in the coolest city in the world, Detroit, Michigan, with her very own Prince Charming. (He even does dishes.)
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2 Responses to Dear Reader: I (will) Marry Him by Heather Novak

  1. Erika Cooper says:

    OMG I forgot about the Hanson meme!!! Well done, you!

  2. stacyhoff says:

    Congrats!!! Two beautiful people are now engaged! How exciting!!! 💍🍾❤️💋

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