Finally Got my Romantic Times Convention Ticket! by Mandy Rosko

Woot! I finally got my ticket!

Not the plane ticket, but the ticket to attend, and the hotel reservation, and lucky me! This year I got a room in the hotel where the conference is being held. Woot!

I’m so excited! Can’t wait to go! Not exactly looking forward to getting on a plane again, but whatever, should be fine 😀

So now my plans are to go through the schedule and figure out everything I want to do, all the stuff I want to see, because the last two times I went, there was always soooooo much to get done! The first world problems of the convention involve there being more than two or three things going on at the same time that you so badly want to go to. Decisions need to be made! 😀

So yeah, I’m hyped up on sugar right now. I definitely want to see the Grand Canyon, so I’m hoping I can fit that in sometime during the trip. I also need to whip out all my American pennies for the penny slots, just so I can at least say I went to Vegas and did some gambling 🙂

Before I go, a quick reminder to readers that I’m handing out my Starter Library for free. Just head on over to this link and tell me where to send it:

Happy Reading!



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