Planner or Panster

if you haven’t heard the word Panster and you are in the world of writing, you will at some point, but whilst we are here, let me explain.

There are those of us who plan out our books, our life, our everything and there are those of us who plan nothing. In my mind, there is no real right or wrong– I’ve seen it work out for both sides, but I personally have moved to the “dark side” of planning (there really is no issue here, I’m just being dramatic). I guess I always looked at the pansters as more talented as amazing words  just naturally flowed from there fingertips onto the white screen, but with time I’ve gro to have a new appreciation for planning. Perhaps it has been the birth of my sons (planning is essential with kids) or perhaps I just realized that for me, quality takes a bit more preparation and that’s not simply with writing.

I’m writing this blog as I take a break from reading about retirement. My day job is in the world of finance and there, it seems good planning is essential for some sort of future where we know our kids and ourselves can be provided for. I know there is never a guarantee as we can’t plan for everything, but for me, it is a small sense of accomplishment and something to aim for.

What about you all? Planners? Pansters? A bit of both or has it changed over time?

Happy writing this week!

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One Response to Planner or Panster

  1. Liz says:

    I’m a combination of both. I like to pants in the beginning chapters, just to see what the characters tell me, and then once I get to know them, I sit down and do some sort of planning – a general hero’s journey of sorts. It’s like interviewing them and seeing what the whole gist of their story (arc) is all about. And then I go about from there. I try not to write everything (plans) out because it takes the fun out of writing for me. I have an idea for the ending but it’s all open to change depending on what happens in the story.

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