Goals for the New Year by Jenna Jaxon


Usually I make New Year’s resolutions, however, this year I’m taking a page from my dear friend Patricia Green, and setting New Year’s goals instead. Goals and resolutions may seem the same, but resolution focus on the determination of the individual to achieve something, It displays a firmness of purpose, whereas a setting a goal focusses more on the end product. At least that is my take on the difference. I have not had a good track record of upholding my New Year’s resolutions in the past, so this year I’m going to focus on the goals alone, rather than on the determination to achieve them and hope for a better outcome.

My number one goal this year in writing is to increase my fan/reader base. I plan several strategies to help with this, including increased social media coverage, a quarterly newsletter, and possibly the creation of a street team.

My second goal is to release my publications as evenly spaced as possible. Last year I released five works: a re-issue of my contemporary romance Almost Perfect, my erotic medieval short story Beloveds, a full-length novel in my House of Pleasure series Only Marriage Will Do, a time travel novella called Crashing Through Time in the boxed set Crashing Into Love, and my recent Christmas Regency novella A Kiss Beneath the Mistletoe. This might seem like a lot, except the first was released in January, then three within two weeks of each other in June, which made the release of the last one in December seem too far between books. Timing is everything, so not only increased production, but more evenly spaced releases.

So my third goal is to release six novellas or novels during 2016. The first will be in mid-January, with others to follow hopefully every other month.

If I can meet these goals in 2016, I will be one very happy author come 2017.

What goals or resolutions have you set for yourself in 2016?

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