My New Alpha Bites Series! By Mandy Rosko

Woot! Check it out…


(My internet is insanely slow right now, was going to put up the other two cover images I commissioned, but they’re not uploading for some reason, so here’s the link to my facebook page. I promise they’re awesome 😉 so go check it out: )

My new Alpha Bites Series is getting under way. Alpha is going to be released on March 22 and the Preorder is live on Amazon now! On Sale for a smaller price before I raise it after release 🙂

Lol, Even though the first book is just on the last chapter before off to edits, and the covers are done, I was asking my brother and sister in law about a series title. I was all like: “What do I call a series that has the word alpha in every title?”

My big bro goes: “Alpha bites!”

Me: “Sold.”

Lol. I suck sometimes XP but it was funny, and I love that Series Title. Gonna work up a series logo for it soon :3 Can’t wait for that, but for now I wanted to share these awesome covers and show you all what was on the way.



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