A Season of Thoughtfulness

Like many of you out there, I’m in the midst of shopping for gifts. I’m actually making quite a good pace as I’m pretty much done except for friends at the office and beyond, which is very different from years past where I’m procrastinating up until the last minute. But as I taken in this retail season, I just had something to share…

In my opinion, great gifts don’t have to be bought or expensive. If you come from an enormous family like the one I married into, sometimes you have to get creative to make others feel special, otherwise, I’d have to work an extra two jobs just to afford holidays and birthdays. As such, I thought I’d share a few ideas:

  • Calendars with photos (yes most people use phones but I see tons of people at my office with empty walls) – help them remember the great times you had over the year
  • Cookies – as long as some doesn’t have health reasons to abstain, pouring your time and effort into making something delicious is always appreciated.
  • Donate to a charity in their name – perhaps they are an animal lover or there is something else they are really passionate about. This would truly mean a great deal to them.
  • Scrapbook – I’ve never been great at this but love seeing them and the story they tell.
  • A planned day of fun – this can be a date or a day you volunteer year time together. Time is extremely meaningful, especially as we always seem to have so little of it. Why not plan an experience you with remember.

These are obviously meant to be inexpensive and I’m not saying your son won’t appreciate a new iPad, but sometimes a little thought and time really go a long way.

Enjoy the season and happy writing this week!

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