Branding by Mandy Rosko

I went to a social the other day, and we had an awesome talk. It was all about books. The stuff we loved, the stuff we were frustrated about, and I got to talk with a couple of awesome authors about branding, and when it was all pointed out to me, it was one of those “oops, I’m an idiot” moments 😀

So, yeah, we went through most of my covers and noted the problem I have with the self publishing side of my career. I like to make fun of the fact that I genre hop and confuse readers, and apparently you can get away with that to an extent, but…when it comes to the covers, yeah, not so much.

I’m mainly into paranormal romance, and apparently a lot of my covers give off the urban fantasy impression. That’s not a good confusion to give, and crap! I love those covers so much ;_; Even my contemporary Billionaire covers don’t look like Billionaire romances, and I adored those covers, too. which means that if I want to keep them, I need to get my ass in gear and…

Write more books.

Woot! So, yeah, that was the entire point to this post. I’m making a self challenge! I want to get a couple of 30-50K novellas out there and see how they do with some awesome new covers that are going to be in the works by the lovely Jennifer 😀 I’ll probably end up changing the billionaire covers, just because they weren’t as expensive so it’s not so much of a loss, but damn…

Gonna ask guys who followed me on Wattpad about that one just to make sure, but yeah, hoping to start a new series in February! Which is also when the Things In The Night Box set will be released! I’m going to have to write 3k words every day before getting started on my Siren word count if this is going to work, but I’m determined baby! I got that kickass title and now I need to put it to some good use 😉

More info on the new series later, but here’s the cover for those of you who want to see it (I hear that man boob catches a lot of attention)

EBOOK 1.jpg


P.S. My favorite thing is how one of his nipples looks like the eye of the wolf. I swear to God that’s almost better than that ripped chest 😀





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