Make Me Brave

My vacation is at an end and I’ve come to a realization, I want to be brave. I know I’m not living in Oz and courage just can’t be granted at our demand. Truth is, I really do believe I am somewhat brave and that most of the time I hold back from the spontaneous or daring as I think about the repercussions of my actions for other people and not simply myself.

Life is not simple. Most of us realize that which is why we hold back, but what if you didn’t? What is truly at risk? Life is also short–a cliche I’ve come to see too clearly as I get older. We hold back in the present for a future That may or may not come for some of us. I see this everyday as I work in finance and discuss people’s retirements. I see people save only to spend it all on hospital bills. I also see people who squandered foolishly and now suffer as they try to hold down a stressful job into their late 70s and beyond.

So what did vacation teach me? It taught me I need a change. I make decisions now as I worry about where my children would end up if I left our comfortable lifestyle, but then I have to ask myself if teaching them just to go through the motions is the right route either. I don’t think so, but my bravery is coming in baby steps because they feel right for now. Perhaps a small change for a start. And then grow from there. What about you all? Ready to be brave and go for what you want? If you feel you are risking too much, ask yourself what you risk if you don’t change?

Happy writing this week!

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