USA Today and Booktrack by Mandy Rosko

Woot! So I’m still riding high on the wave of “Holy shit I’m a US Today Bestseller!” and now that I’m busy destroying all my savings to get the covers I want updated and box sets put together (To be fair, the cover artist was awesome and gave me a super unbeatable deal for the updates<3)

But now I’m getting all geared up. The end of the year is upon us, and I’m just about finished with all the stuff I set out to do this year. I was going to read more and write more this year, and I can say that I definitely did both. I wrote a crap ton of books under both pen names combined, got a kickass title thanks to the nice ladies who let me in on their awesome box set project, and once I finish the YA book I’m reading, will have completed the goodreads challenge I set out to do 😀

But I’m always impatient and want to do more! Because Audible is taking their good sweet time letting Canada in on the fun, I decided I’m going to give Booktrack a go.

Booktrack is a pretty interesting company, and some authors I really like have signed up for it, which takes away a lot of the fear. Anyway, it’s basically a soundtrack that follows along as you read using average reading times (and page turns I assume) to figure out where the person is in the story. This way, whenever there’s a romantic scene, romantic music will play. For a sad scene, sad music. I think it sounds awesome 😀

I think it sounds cool, and since As Cold As Ice is released tomorrow, I’m putting up Burns Like Fire first. Can’t wait to see how it goes! Also, check out As Cold As Ice if you wanted to check out the third in this kick ass series.



USA Today Bestseller Mandy Rosko


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