I’m in Kauai. I feel like that should be explanation enough but I know it isn’t. I know it isn’t because it never was for me. I’ve been to the Hawaiian islands before-Oahu, Hawaii and Maui, but never Kauai. I’ve travel quite a bit and seen some beautiful places, but perhaps it is more of where I am in my life that makes this place so restorative.

The lush greenery has free reign in a Jurassic Park/Avatar – like way I’ve never seen beyond the big screen. Right now is winter so the ocean with its powerful waves is almost menacing. Cliffs, mountains, valleys. Waterfalls, rivers and streams–this place has it all. And perhaps it sounds strange but I feel it all healing in some way.

I’m at a crossroads in my life, probably similar to a lot of you out there. My day job doesn’t seem to thrill me like it used to. A lot of our family is growing older, living life and they’re all too far away. Do we stay or do we go? Do we risk a great financial situation now for an unknown one? How will this all affect us? The answers to these questions will probably remain unknown until we take the steps and the risks that come along with them. I don’t expect Kauai to give me all the answers but she is giving me the peace to think about them logically and that’s enough for now. Not too mention it’s nice to have a break from life’s fast pace.

Happy writing this week!

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