Worth Its Weight in Gold?

As we’ve entered this holiday season, I can’t help but admire the anticipation this season creates in myself and those around me. I’m not talking about the fight in shopping malls but more of the good stuff. You know, the thoughts and acts of giving, the anticipation of Christmas eve when good Ol Saint Nick makes his way into children’s hearts. I admit it! I even love all the holiday movies flooding our channels! What I don’t love are the anticipation fails, those waits that are most definitely not worth their weight in gold.

This past weekend, my family and I went to Ice, a sculpture show at National Harbor in Washington DC. We are on vacation and thought this would be a blast. Well, it was certainly a blast of cold air but that’s about it. The sculptures were awesome, don’t get me wrong, but the lines to get in were disorganized and completely ridiculous. I truly thought fist fights would break out!

So so of course this got me thinking about writing and how even as a reader I would look forward to or anticipate books from my favorite authors. Most often than not, they wouldn’t let me down, but occasionally you would read that one book that would wreck it all. It just gave me some pause to think about how we as writers can get it right. How do we work to make sure our stories are seriously pushing that microtension or how can we really hook our readers into buying that next book? It truly is an art we are all working to perfect.

Happy writing this week!

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