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Please welcome author and friend Elizabeth Lynx to Nights of Passion! Elizabeth is guest blogging today about her experience with Wattpad.

To Wattpad, or not to Wattpad: that is the question. Sorry Shakespeare, you are my favorite author to rip off and you’re dead so there’s that too.

But the question is a legitimate one. It’s something I pondered about a year ago when I joined the writing community. Because that’s exactly what it is, a community. Everyone there is an author, perhaps some are on the site just to read free stuff, but the majority are fellow authors.

A lot of these Wattpad authors are new to writing and need the feedback that one can get when they post a chapter. There are some established authors on Wattpad, usually just posting a chapter or two of their upcoming or latest release. Another marketing tool for them.

For the rest of us, the struggling indie authors and wannabe authors, it’s a place where we are with likeminded people. Just about every genre in writing is on Wattpad, from Science Fiction to Romance to Paranormal. Yes there is Fanfiction on Wattpad, probably what it is most known for, but it’s not the only thing. Apparently a lot of people like to write about Harry Styles from One Direction. I don’t know but I guess it’s a thing.

Anyway, the great thing about Wattpad besides the feedback from fellow authors and fans while you are working on a manuscript, is all the other stuff. Even my current NaNoWriMo project, Soaring Below, I am posting on Wattpad for feedback. They have contests and features, some of which I am still learning about. There is also something called Wattpad Stars that helps you get your book published. I think you have to have a large following to get into that program so it may take time.

As usual with most of these sites they have discussion boards and areas to promote your stories.

What have I learned and found most helpful? The contests. Especially a big contest. Some big publishers and small publishers hold contests on the site. My story, That Sweet Deal, was in the So You Think You Can Write contest that Wattpad sponsored with Harlequin for a two book publishing deal for the winner. I made it all the way to the Top 25 which I thought was pretty awesome.

I’m not disappointed I didn’t make the Top 10 and I will tell you why. For starters I wrote that manuscript really fast just so I could make it into the contest to fit their qualifications. Therefore I look at that manuscript as a first draft, so the fact I made the Top 25 is amazing in itself. Secondly, I got the editors at Harlequin to look at my full manuscript! It was a way to get my foot in the publishing door so to speak. Most people who send their manuscripts to big publishers like Harlequin usually get some lowly assistant of an assistant who ends up looking at maybe the first few pages of a manuscript and then is rejected. I bypassed that and got their top editors to read my entire manuscript. That’s awesome. Thirdly, and what I view as most importantly, entering the bigger contests is a great marketing tool.

How is it a great marketing tool? Because once I made the Top 25 suddenly people came out of the woodwork to read my story. I went from about 500 views of it at the end of September when time to enter the contest closed to over 15,000 views two months later. And I didn’t do anything different then enter the contest. Sure, during the Top 55 phase I begged people to vote for my story to make the Top 25, but that only got me 75 extra votes at the time. That’s it. It was just being in the contest and having that #sytycw15 tag on my story that got me all those views and votes.

Also, a few of my fans of the books I write outside of Wattpad are from discovering my stuff on Wattpad. Since my fan base doubled due to the contest I suspect I will keep getting more fans to buy some of my books outside of site.

I know it might sound like I can’t say enough about Wattpad, but it has its drawbacks like anything out there. There is very much a large young crowd, especially teenagers. For a romance author like myself that has steamy stuff not everyone can read it because I have to label it as mature. Also, Wattpad is still learning and growing while testing things out, some of it works and some of it doesn’t.

As a relatively new indie author I will try just about anything that might help. That’s what I did a year ago with Wattpad and I am finding, as I learn more of its features, it is paying off. As they learn and grow, I do too. Check it out, if you like it try it. If it’s not your thing, don’t.

Meet the author:

Elizabeth LynxElizabeth Lynx writes romantic comedies with quite a lot of steam. Most people imagine Bridget Jones Diary when they think of Romantic Comedy, but Elizabeth’s books are more Bridget Jones meets Christian Grey, so it’s best not to eat food or drink hot liquids while reading her books as it can become dangerous (I am told by law I must put in this warning to protect people).

Not only does she write romance she also has many theories on life and especially, her life. There is one thing she knows for sure, she is not a robot. At least she says she’s not. She is also not a space alien. How do I know this, because she was born in Baltimore Maryland in the 1970’s when no one wanted to be in Baltimore Maryland so why would her parents say that if it weren’t true. Of course she has had her suspicions growing up and is still in a continual search for evidence that backs up her space age theories.

To bide her time she writes about ‘normal’ people and their sexy romantic lives. Her husband chooses to put up with her theories and paranoid musings. Her two little boys help her see that perhaps she isn’t an alien but more of a climbing rock. This theory is new, so she needs more time to develop it further.

Author Social Links:

Facebook Author Page:
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What is so exciting about November 19? It’s Elizabeth’s birthday!!! Make sure to leave her some birthday love in the comments 🙂


Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,
Heather Novak
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  1. This looks great! Thanks for letting share my experience.

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