What We See

For the past few months, I’ve walked around talking about the negative state of my surroundings. Everywhere I go, people seem to be unhappy about something in their lives. Recently, I got feedback on this and while I’m still reeling from its impact and trying to understand what to do with it, I find myself shocked to find that the person who gave me the feedback is right—and considering this is the same sort of feedback I give others, I find irony in the fact that I was so shocked to receive it.

Okay, so I’m sure you’re wondering what this feedback was so here it is… I was told to try and change my perception of those around me. That it is not necessarily that everyone is simply negative, but that everyone is on their own life journey trying to find out what is right for them. I get this! I also tell my employees this to some degree… we have at least a couple choices, we change the way we see something or we walk away. These choices exist in most situations and the other realization here is that we HAVE choices, we always have a choice. So perhaps we are in a crap job or in a crap home situation or relationship, but we never have to be there. We choose to be in these situations and we can choose to change that any time we want. I’m not saying there aren’t consequences. There are always consequences and many times, these consequences are what keep us from making a move. And that is okay. Timing is of importance in life, just don’t let it pass you by as you are waiting for that perfect moment.

So what are you going to choose today? Will it be to see the world a different way?

Happy writing this week!


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