Don’t Bathe the Computer…by Heather Novak

Happy Thursday!

Since my edits are due Thanksgiving week, today’s blog post is going to be short but funny. This true story as told to me by an IT guy*:

My friend called me up and said, “Hey, Ryan! My computer has a virus on it. What should I do?”

I sighed. “We’ll have to clean it. I’ll be over in a few hours to help.”

When I arrived a few hours later, a computer was on his kitchen table. It was spotless, like it had just come out of a box. Confused, I asked, “Did you get a new computer?”

He chuckled. “Doesn’t it look great? No, I just put it in the bathtub to clean it like you suggested.”

I stared in horror, looking from him to the computer. I cleared my throat twice before I could speak. “D-d-did you submerse the entire thing?”

He frowned at me. “Of course, how else would I clean it? I used bar soap and a washcloth.”

My head was spinning. I walked over to the computer to take a look at the damage. Maybe there was still a way to save it. “Uh, Dave, you didn’t try to turn it on yet, did you?”

“Oh, yes,” he said, nodding. “Soon as I got it out of the tub, I wanted to check if it was fixed, you know, in case you didn’t need to come over. Made a popping sound and shut off. Wasn’t sure if that was a sign it was working.”

Clenching my jaw against the wave of expletives threatening to spill out, I pulled the casing off the computer to examine the motherboard. Everything was completely fried. “I’m sorry Dave, but you’re going to need a new computer.”

He stared at me dumbfounded. “But…but why?”

Trying to make him feel better, I gripped his shoulder and said, “Because this one wasn’t a waterproof model.” Then with a smile, I left.

Good luck with your NaNoWriMo friends! Remember, don’t bathe your computers…unless they’re waterproof.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent

Fun Fact: November 12 is known for:

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Day!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Day was created as “…. a celebration of who you are, where you’ve been, where you’re going, and who you will be thankful to when you get there!”

Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,
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