One Week Until Release! by Mandy Rosko

I can’t believe there’s only a week left until A Very Alpha Christmas is released. A couple of times it dropped down into Amazon’s Top 100 Paid Best Seller list, and it’s held the #1 Seller in Vampires a few times as well. I think on Amazon’s list it got as low as 60. That’s pretty good!

And now there’s kitties on the advertising images. Look at this one!


I love how this looks. It’s too cute! Lol, I also asked my big brother to pre-order a copy. He laughingly did it since I’m so hyper about this. I think he’ll be putting it on his wife’s account for her to read, though. Not much of a romance reader, my brother 😀

Anyway, I wouldn’t be doing my part in the series without pimping this awesome set. Which is extra awesome because, you know, I’m in it. Lol, kidding.

Anyway! It’s 26 stories, all brand new, and the Pre-order is at 99 cents USD. I’m not sure when it will happen, but the price will rise shortly after the release day, so it is best to pick this up before that happens.

See you next week when I gush about how awesome it is that this bad boy was released! Woot!

-Mandy Rosko


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