A Very Alpha Christmas on Preorder for 99 Cents! by Mandy Rosko

Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome Halloween, but now that it’s over, you all know what that means. Every store in America is tossing out their spooky decorations in favor of tinsel and big red glittery Christmas Tree balls and decorated pine trees. They probably did it Halloween night after the malls closed up.

It also means that all the awesome Holiday books are starting to emerge on the kindle, Kobo, and Nook stores, and I finally wrote one! My very first Christmas story (though it’s more of a New Year’s story) is being included in the Taming The Alpha Christmas Box Set! It’s on Preorder right now!

The last Box Set I was in, Taming The Monster, hit the USA Today Bestseller list at #91. Surprise! How awesome is that?! So now I want to show off this new awesome Holiday set. The covers and banners that Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow had made up are really pretty, check it out :3


A Very Alpha Christmas is on sale right now for 99 cents, and I wouldn’t be doing my part with the other authors if I didn’t suggest everyone lock in the 99 cent price before it goes up. Since the last set hit USA Today, I’m hoping I can work as hard as I can to help this one hit New York Times, and anyone who wants to pick up their copy of this awesome set will have 25 sexy, snowy stories from New York Times and USA Today bestsellers (me included now :D) to keep them warm in the chilly months ahead.

Unless, you know, you happen to live in Hawaii, in which case I’m super jealous of you.

My book included in the set is titled, The Lady and The Dragon’s Holiday, and it’s a short sequel to The Princess’s Dragon Lord.

Enjoy! And see you next week 😉



~Mandy Rosko


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