A Contest and Halloween Fun!

For me, Halloween used to be a holiday of endurance. It wasn’t so much the eating of candy but the hunt and trek throughout my neighborhood to fill my pillowcase– and go back for even more. My friends and I were determined to have the most candy even if we couldn’t eat it all. It was serious business. My mom loved it as our neighborhood was prime territory for trick-or-treaters and often my candy would bolster the supply for those coming to our house (yes, that’s a bit cheap but nobody really suffered!)

With age and a family, I find my Halloween experience changing. It is more about short bursts of fun and creating memorable experiences. This year we went to the Great Pumpkin Festival at the botanical garden in our city. I have to say it was a lot of fun. Bobbing for “creatures ,” pony rides, kettle corn, corn dogs, picking our pumpkins and decorating them. The kids had a ball and I have some great pictures to show.

So what’s in store for future Halloweens? Who knows. I’m a complete scaredy cat so nothing dreadfully frightening, but I do believe this holiday becomes more fun each year. Which brings me to our contest! Leave a message about the most fun you’ve ever had on Halloween by 11:59 pm Eastern on October 31st to be entered in a random raffle for a $20.00 Amazon gift card (or Barnes and Noble). Don’t forget to include your email (That is required)! Void where prohibited by law.

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3 Responses to A Contest and Halloween Fun!

  1. Ah, yes, the pillow case. The better-than-any-stupid-pumpkin-shaped-bucket for you to carry around all the “loot” aka, Candy. Yes, I used them, too, while trick-or-treating with my two cousins in their big neighborhood. I grew up out in the country where there were about 10 houses around my parents, so every year, they took me to my cousin’s house because they were in an actual neighborhood. It was a tradition, that I’m actually repeating with my own kids, in a way. We now live out in the country, and while it’s not their cousin’s, we take my daughters to our closest friend’s house and go with them every year. It’s a lot of fun.

  2. Mary Preston says:

    Creeping around in the dark as teens was the most fun.


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