Juice in the Tank

I’ve been living in a negative neververse for the past couple years in my day job (and yes I realized I probably just made up a word). Two years is a really long time to live in this type of environment but I’ve come to a very important decision… I’m not standing for it anymore!

Ok, so what am I talking about and why should you care? Well, I’m not sure you should except that I, like many others out there, am in a job that I am not always happy to be in, BUT I CHOOSE to be there. Each day, I continue walking in the door for whatever reason. Part of it is that this job pays the bills and while I would prefer to be writing, I’m not sure I could ever make my income stretch to match. The other part of it is that while I don’t like the negative environment, I do like the people, I do at times like the work and it is a security that I can afford my family.

So what am I going to do? I’m changing my mindset. All of those meetings where we meet and complain, I’m boycotting them. That further education and writing career I dream about, I’m starting to lay the tracks to make them happen. All the negative people around me… well those I may not be able to change but I’ll try and if I can’t, then I’ll just avoid them. I’ve still got juice or grit or whatever you want to call it in the tank and I’m not about to let it run out. What about you?

Happy writing to you all this week!

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