Getting Crafty with Book Swag

Thanks to my recent obsession with Copic markers (which are awesome, BTW) I’ve started looking for different ways to get creative and make art, and even giveaways and swag for when I go to conventions. The only one I’m going to next year where I’ll be signing is Romancing The Capital. I haven’t yet figured out what I’m supposed to talk about for any panels I get up on, but I’m still scheming away on the things I want to buy and make to giveaway or sell.

And low and behold, I’m now getting transfixed on the idea of buying a button maker. Namely, this one:


I already figured I could put my logo on some of these buttons, and most likely, with Eve’s permission, the RTC logo as well, along with (maybe) some artwork :3 Gotta wait until next month I think. This month has been kind of insane what with me being a shopaholic and everything. I have to stop spending money. It’s getting kind of sickening and my credit cards are already demanding that I stop by screaming declined whenever I try to use them.

Anyway, even with the heavy expense of one of these bad boys, I figure that if I only use this to make a couple hundred buttons once or twice a year, it will still be stupidly fun and most likely worth the cost. I love getting buttons at conventions, so why shouldn’t I love making them?

Next week I might just have to show off all the Copic markers I got. There’s almost enough to make a full set not, it’s getting kind of ridiculous, but I can’t stop buying them with that tempting 40% off coupon from Michaels. Wish they’d get more of the 50% coupons, though.

Those things were awesome, and I sorely miss them…

Till next week! Gotta go searching for a paranormal author to interview for the blog now!


~Mandy Rosko


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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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