So I’m Doing a Book Cover Photoshoot…by Heather Novak

There is a benefit to indie publishing – you get complete control over your cover! With years of film school, film shoots, set design, costume design, and event planning behind me, I’m luckier than most in that I know what I want my book to look like.

However, my two semesters of Photoshop eight years ago make me dangerous, but without talent…which basically means I cannot design my own cover. I also didn’t want a stock cover that could be on another book. 

So what, Heather? You’re rambling.

Okay, let me start at the beginning.

Once upon a time, I released a short story called Hunting Witch Hazel in the Falling Hard anthology with some of my favorite writers (no longer available due to contract conflicts). After having to pull down the anthology as a whole, I decided to re-release the anthology story as a novella and added two sequels!

While knee-deep in book 2, I went to a dinner party with Prince Charming’s friends, and one of them mentioned her friend was Lindee from Lindee Robinson Photography. Coincidentally, many of my friends had just gotten covers from her, so I took this as a positive sign.

I told Lindee I wanted to go big — let’s do a photo shoot for all three covers.  She was on board, super friendly, and doesn’t seem to get weirded out easily — which is good, because I’m a bit stalkerish. (Seriously Lindee, so sorry about the 1274937 emails at 3am with ideas. I’m working on that whole “sleeping” thing…)

My covers are a gift from my late grandpa, who was so excited about my writing. I still remember his smile when I told him about my books, and I’m privileged to have had such an amazing opportunity to make this happen. While he never got to hold any of my books, I know he’d love that he’s helping to create something I’ve dreamed about for a long time.

Now, I’m going to get real with you all. You need to know photoshoots are an investment. Lindee is awesome because along with your book cover, you get promo photos to use. You pay a model fee for each model, for makeup/hair if needed, for the cover/promo photos/editing, and for Lindee’s photography services. (Side note: If you need a makeup artist in the Metro Detroit area, hit up my girl Tori.)

All the fees vary, so make sure you talk money and that you understand exactly what will be expected of you. There are tough decisions to make. There are different price points for certain covers, and you’ll want to be open and honest about what you want so you can make sure you get what you think would fit your book best.

I sat down with a few of my author friends, talked design, talked budget, talked sales, talked marketing. Lindee works as a photographer and cover artist, but she also works with several other cover artists as well. Each one brings a unique perspective, so do your research and talk openly. Lindee has stock covers or you can build from the bottom up like me. 

But Heather, when will we have mooooooore books?!

I promise it will be worth the wait! Since my photoshoot isn’t until early November, it does push my release dates back until after the holidays. (I’ll re-release Hunting Witch Hazel, then Raine’s and Romi’s stories back to back after that.) I’ll keep you all updated on the adventure!
Stay tuned for updates on the photoshoot and a special post with Lindee Robinson herself!


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  • White Cane Safety Day! 
    If you know someone who is blind or visually impaired, celebrate this day with them.

Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,
Heather Novak
Bold. Bewitching. Breathtaking.

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Author of The Lynch Brothers Series
Be careful what you wish for…

Hunting Witch Hazel: February 2016
Threat of Raine: March 2016
Rosemary for Remembrance: April 2016


About Heather Novak, Author

Bold, Breathtaking, Badass Romance. When she’s not pretending to be a rock star with purple hair, Heather Novak is crafting romance novels to make you swoon! After her rare disease tried to kill her, Heather mutated into a superhero whose greatest power is writing romance that you can’t put down. When she’s not obsessively reading or writing, Heather is trying to save the world like her late mama taught her. Heather lives in the coolest city in the world, Detroit, Michigan, with her very own Prince Charming. (He even does dishes.)
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