Know Your Audience: One Author’s Take

BIG Data. In the corporate world, I hear so much about BIG Data. Knowing our clients, understanding intricacies about them that allow you to personalize their options. It’s everywhere and often, we hear about BIG Data in such a spooky sense. People listening in on our phone conversations, recording our locations, knowing where we frequently shop so they can tailor advertisements to us.

I’m not going to take sides with whether this is Big Brotheresque or not (yes I made that word up, I think!). For some it may bother them and for others, they are perfectly comfortable—and we’ll leave it at that. What I really go thinking about with knowing our audiences was how and IF this BIG Data approach really works on the author scale.

My take on it is that a lot of this BIG Data is really above the individual author’s level and is probably me useful to the bigger publishers out there trying to get a read for the market trends and audience tendencies. On the author level, I do believe it helps to get to know our audience in a different manner. I do believe we should be in touch with who and where our stories resonate. Not necessarily to cater to this market but more to understand how our stories may affect our audience and in a way, engage them to some degree. I also believe that as the “creators” of these books/stories, it is important to keep a creative aspect alive. Think Steve Jobs or even Henry Ford’s take on creating what people will demand—basically we create the demand by writing something so interesting, so amazing that people flock to it, people engage in it. I know, it’s a tall order, but something I also think we writers all aim for to some degree, whether we admit it or not.

That’s all for this week. Happy writing!

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