Have You Got What It Takes to Have It All?

If I were to write an overly long title, the second half of it would state “And Do You Really Want It All?” This past week, I listened to a recent Freakonomics podcast episode featuring Anne-Marie Slaughter, well-known foreign policy scholar who accidentally became a poster-girl for modern feminism when she wrote an article for The Atlantic called Why Woman Still Can’t Have it All.

I have to say in listening to this woman with her past, her views, education and ideas on ways to improve our world, I found her brilliant. Now this is just my personal opinion but her thoughts and suggestions were very logically thought out and I agreed with the basis of her reasoning. It’s also hard not to have admiration for a women who has taken risks, put her family first and yet is still seen by many as highly successful… which brings me to the second half of my title… do we really want it all?

Anne-Marie Slaughter made a choice that was right for her and her family and perhaps that meant walking away from her dream job at the time, but the truth of the matter is that in listening to her speak, you get the sense she doesn’t hold regret– she had what was sufficient for her. This really resonated with me as it seems lately that both my husband, myself and many of my friends seem to be in a position of pushing ourselves for more and more. Just when we think we’ve reached our goal, we determine that it wasn’t quite enough. I’m not simply talking about money here, but I’m more using a blanket statement of having it all. That “all” can be more money, a better position, a better performance review, a slimmer body, a nicer house, a greater contribution to those around us, more impact on this earth… you get the picture. The point I want to focus on is that not only do we seem to worry about having what it takes to have it all, but our “all” is at times a moving target that may simply never be enough because we always tend to look for more.

My thoughts? There is only one of you and only one of me. There are only 24 hours in a day. Most of us aren’t superhuman so just do what you can do and push yourself to achieve what is worth achieving (in your eyes).

That’s it for this week. Happy writing!

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