Spooky Reads for October


October is my favorite month, always has been. The weather turns cooler, I can wear sweaters, which I love, the leaves here in Virginia are startlingly gorgeous in their brilliant reds, oranges, and golds. But most of all I love October because of Halloween, my favorite holiday.

So to start off a month of Halloween posts, I’m giving you some of my picks of Halloween/scary books some of which made me keep the lights on just a bit longer than usual. I’ll start out with a couple of classics and then get to more recent scariness.

It coverStephen King is one of my favorite authors, the King of Fright, and two of his books really did make me look around the room and over my shoulder as I sat reading them. One is, of course, The Shining. The end of the book actually scared me more than the movie. The one that I could not read more than once was Pet Sematary, truly bone-deep frightening. And my favorite King novel, It, scared the bejesus out of me, but I love it and have read it many times. It’s being re-made into two movies. I cannot wait!

If you like zombie apocalypse fun, check out Only Love only love survivesSurvives by Renee Charles. Fantastic, frightening and romantic read.

Ghostlover first try (400x640)Then there’s Ghost Lover by Liza O’Connor, a romantic ghost story that I also love. I wouldn’t mind being haunted by her sexy 18th century ghost at all.

And if you want a little comedy with your spooky read, check out Patricia Preston’s just released Haints in Hollywood. I’m a little biased about this book, as I’m actually in the dedication (big smile!), but it’s the sequel to Patricia’s Laid to Rest, one of haints in hollywoodthe most hilarious books I’ve ever read. That book’s heroine, Darlene, is back in this short story and headed for Hollywood to become a star just like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, she’s delayed by a trip to the ghost town of Hollywood, where she encounters sparkly vampires, zombies, and haints. But don’t worry, you’ll be shaking with laughter by the end of the book.

So there are my picks for this Halloween season. Thrills, chills, romance, and laughter. Hope you have a howling good week!

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One Response to Spooky Reads for October

  1. Melissa Keir says:

    I’ve only read Liza’s book but I agree…it’s fabulous!!

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