A Blood Moon, the Pope and a Changing World

I’m writing this blog a bit earlier in the week as I watched the blood moon and total lunar eclipse yesterday evening. I have to say that as people at my day job ask about my weekend and whether anything “eventful happened”, I want to scream out that “yes, the world is changing a lot each day, the Pope spent a great deal of time imparting words of wisdom this weekend and the world might have come to an end as predicted by many who felt this blood moon was a sign of end times.” Instead, I tell them that “no, it was a short weekend and we spent quite a bit of time killing scorpions in our backyard yesterday evening.”

So why do I do this? I don’t know, perhaps because one answer sounds a bit insane and the other is expected. The truth of the matter is, the world hasn’t ended yet although it might at some point, the Pope did impart words of wisdom and our world is changing so much and at such a fast pace it can be overwhelming at times.

Okay… so what do we do? I’m really not sure. I know that I as a person (and any influence I have on my friends and family) will continue trying to do better, trying to be better and trying to keep up, because the truth is that is all I believe we can do—at least until I receive some sort of sign or opportunity that shows me I can do more. What about you all, how was y our weekend?

Happy writing this week!

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