Biggest Regrets

My husband told me about an article he read I Yahoo finance this weekend which referenced several interviews with people over the age of sixty-five. What seemed to resonate the most with my husband and myself was that one of the most common regrets these older individuals had about their lives was they spent far too much time worrying. This is me! And yet, I also try to balance living today and living tomorrow.

One thing I must agree with is that time truly is our most precious resource. Time with our family, time to self develop and grow, time to dedicate to making a difference in our own way. I asked my husband what he would do differently after reading the article and I could tell he was still pondering it. To say that one will worry less and plan for today is easier said than done, especially if you’ve been a the type to worry all your life. Then again, practice does make perfect and what starts out hard today grows easier each day. I personally am going to try to think about shorter term issues more than the distant future. I’m a planner to a fault and often have to have main possibilities thought out before taking a chance to move forward. I do agree that this can be a waste of time as there is so much in life beyond our control. This all being said, I also believe it is important to have some sort of bucket list so when opportunities present themselves we are ready to take the plunge.

Happy writing this week!

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