Finished Work. Time to Get Back to Work by Mandy Rosko

On my Gog, let me just wipe the sweat off my brow and heave a heavy sigh. I finally finished the 31k word novella and handed it in for edits. It was due a couple of days ago, with one day to spare 🙂 Now I just have ti complete all edits that come back in time to hand this book in by the 15th of October, but I think I’m golden. This is part of a project involving multiple separate stories set in the same town by a number of different authors, and they will all be self pubbed :D.

I wrote that novella while also writing and handing in another novella for Siren, and am currently 35k words into the next novella that I have to finish. But whatever, with this story finished, it is the last of the colloboration projects for self pulishing that I had to do this year. There were three of them. Four originally, but one was cancelled. I’d finished it before it was cancelled, so I guess that means I finished four separate novellas for the year, on top of my 110k word bad boy Billionaire book, The Arrangement.

I feel like a powerhouse right now. With the side projects out of the way, I can get The Arrangement ready for editing and get the ARC copies set up in October, and maybe relax a tad bit now. I might even be able to do some more Youtube videos. Those have been getting ignored thanks to work overload and major sniffles. Yeah, apparently I’m allergic to everything in the August/September time.

Anyway, I needed to get that off my chest and boast about how awesome it feels to finish up so much this year. The only thing really left is to stop reading mangas and get onto reading more books for my Goodreads challenge. I’ll finish it all no matter what it takes! >:D

Man, good thing I don’t have kids. I’d be a super neglectful parent at this point O.o

Also, big thank you to everyone who read the rough draft of The Arrangement for free on Wattpad. Seeing the number of views go up makes my ego purr. I’ll be leaving it up even after it’s edited as a cool freebie for anyone interested once the proper version comes out on Amazon and print. And another thank you for everyone who picked up their pre-order of Taming the Monster, 99 cent alpha anthology. You guys rock 😉

I’m gonna go and pass out for the night now. This has been another edge of sleep, rambling post…




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