Taking Sick Days by Mandy Rosko

Did no writing yesterday, and I did no writing today. I didn’t even think about touching my edits that are due on the 21st, and about the only thing I did to today was study a little bit from my anatomy books for the life drawing lessons I’m going to be taking, and played a bunch of video games…

-_- Still sick though. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if I actually had some talent at drawing. Or, failing that, if I’d magically become a master during the couple of practice sketches I’d done. As it is, they all still look like garbage, and I really wish that allergy medicine I took would kick in. Everything seems to be a placebo to my body, with the added bonus of not working on top of not being actual medicine.

And while I was being cranky I got to thinking about how many times I take a sick day, or even two in a row near the middle of the month.

Usually never. If this isn’t the first time then it would have to be the second since I can’t remember any other time before this. I tend to just power my way through my illnesses, hating the world, sunshine, and butterflies all throughout. The only thing that gets any love at all is my dog, and I’m pretty sure he’s not so happy with how dead I’ve been lately.

Just out of curiosity, how many people here take sick days? Or do you feel too guilty to do even that? I was supposed to get a bunch of things done, a Newsletter written, more Tweets, but I keep putting it all off because my nose is the worst thing in the history of time right now.

I guess I was just curious because I know a lot of people reading this might be writers as well as readers, or at least have so many other things to do that keeps you on the go, kids, creative stuff, school, career, that sort of thing.

Haha, shameless plug though, what does make me feel better is being in the Taming the Monster Anthology with Mandy Roth, Michelle Pillow, and a plethora of other super talented paranormal romance authors 😀

Don’t mind me as I post the banner right below here with a link to the Amazon page >:3

TTMonster banner

Because I’m sick, I get to do this. Yay for perks!

Going to bed before I conk out at the computer. Cheers!


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2 Responses to Taking Sick Days by Mandy Rosko

  1. Sandy Kenny says:

    Hi Mandy– Hope you feel better soon! As for myself, I always get irritated with my hubby and kids when I get sick. It used to be that all the house work would be left for me for when I get better! When anyone else would get sick, I’d make homemade chicken soup; when I get sick either I make it or get none at all! Apparently mom is not supposed to get sick at all.

    • Hey, Mandy here. I don’t have a hubby or kids. Since I live by myself, I was always half complaining about it because there was no one there to take care of me. Turns out I had nothing to worry about I guess since it seems like I’d be on my own even if there were people :/ Lol, the kids I can understand, but you should threaten to give your hubby lots of germy hugs and kisses if he doesn’t get into the kitchen to make you that soup the next time you’re sick >:D

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