August Reading Roundup by Mandy Rosko


I think I read one book and a ton of manga and that was about it for my August reading. I meant to read more, especially since I really want to hit that Goodreads goal, but, yeah, I’ve been sick. Still on the tail end of that cold and it feels like it’s never going away.

With all the mangas I’ve read this month I probably hit my Goodreads goal, but I decided not to post them to my Goodreads page since it feels like cheating at this point, plus, I also bought a bunch more mangas that looked pretty interesting as well.

I’m a giant woman-child, I know, but I can’t help myself 😛 Doesn’t help that the video game I’ve been looking forward to for OVER A YEAR is finally coming out next week 😀 I’ve got to set aside from proper time for that one :3

Until then, I can keep myself plenty occupied with the Taming the Monster Alpha Box set that I promised to keep pimping out 😉 Here’s an awesome banner in case you forgot what it looked like from last week:

TTMonster banner

I love this set so much. Mine’s the werewolf story 😉 I’ve been honestly thinking about getting a charm bracelet, or necklace, made up on Etsy of all the box sets I’ve been in so far. I figured that would look pretty cool, and I could always add extra charms to it later on 😀 I would have three so far since I’m pretty sure that the M/M box set I’m in doesn’t have a cover original to the set itself.

Still trying to figure out how to make a proper Facebook add since I can’t even tell if the one I’ve got going is doing anything. It looks like it’s getting a decent number of clicks, but I’m never sure of these things…

Ah well, next week I think I’ll put up my first Billionaire Bad Boy book The Arrangement, onto Draft 2 Digital since they just opened up assetless preorders. My book is finished and just needs to be edited, but that would really help things out I think 🙂

Thanks for reading my ramble! Check out Taming the Monster if you haven’t already!


~Mandy Rosko


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