Taming The Monster Box Set by Mandy Rosko

I am so excited for this I can hardly contain myself, and when I’m on the tail end of a cold, that might not look like a lot, but trust me that it is 😀

This time last year I was in my very first box set Captured, and this year I will be in my third, Taming the Monster with 17 super awesome authors who were really nice to have me along when I asked to join the group :3 So, naturally, because I don’t have a very big organic reach, I have to post these cool pics wherever I can now that this baby is up for pre-order for 99 cents 😉 Oh yeah, here’s the hashtag for anyone wanting to help out with this super cool project on Twitter: #TTMonster


There are 17 brand new stories in this box set, many by NYT and USAToday Bestsellers like Mandy Roth, Michelle Pillow, Carina Wilder, Christina Rayne and many more!!

See why I’m so excited?

Also, look at those claws! I love that image 🙂 If you look carefully on the cover, you can see that the man the heroine is holding onto has a tentacle monster tattoo on his back, and it seems to be coming alive O.o The one I got up on my website‘s got the tentacle monster around the box set, and maybe I should’ve showed that one here, but so far the two images are switching between favorites. Here are the links if anyone wants to check out the set while it’s still on sale, or if you could just share the pages on your social media, that would be awesomesauce, too 😀

Amazon: goo.gl/i04fHH

Nook: goo.gl/Qm84S7

Kobo: goo.gl/pLOFwU

iBooks: https://goo.gl/RlngGj

Basically, until the release of this set on Oct 13, my posts will be all about how cool this box set is. For those of you following my Dangerous Creatures series and are impatient for the next installment, my story included is a novella set in that world.

Here’s the blurb:

Mina Swanson is a hunter, charged with defending the weak and helpless against the monsters of the world, but she and her partners will be on the lunch menu for a pack of wild werewolves if something doesn’t happen, like, right now!

Just as she’s being stuck over a bonfire to become barbecue, an old flame (the kind that won’t cook her alive) rushes to her rescue. Gabriel. The man she thought had been killed by werewolves. He’s back. He’s alive.

And he’s an alpha.

Gabriel Lyall lived through hell when he was changed. Forced to do things in order to survive that will haunt him forever, he thought Mina, the love of his life, would rather he had died than come back as the man he is now. He has no choice though, it’s either stop the wild pack and reveal himself, or leave her to die, and the second one isn’t even close to being an option.

Now she’s in his pack, and he needs to convince a couple of hunters that with the right guidance, werewolves can have control, that they can live peacefully away from the humans. She and her friends cannot leave until he’s satisfied they believe him, though he doesn’t want to let Mina go at all.

Here are the links once again for anyone interested in supporting this box set 🙂 I’ll have to wait for permission, but I’ll see about getting blurbs to post every week until release 🙂



Amazon: goo.gl/i04fHH

Nook: goo.gl/Qm84S7

Kobo: goo.gl/pLOFwU

iBooks: https://goo.gl/RlngGj


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  1. How exciting, good luck!

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