Enamored With the Glamour?

A week or so ago, I saw Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, which I thought was a great movie, but then I love action flicks and this was action all the way. Still, every time I see these types of movies, I have to wonder how realistic they are for the average person and what it is that we love so much. Now I’ve also seen the videos about Tom Cruise doing his own stunts and I’m not talking about the actual mechanics, I’m talking about the premise of this story and many others. They are full of excitement and danger and glamour to some degree, but the truth is (and this may only go for me but I don’t think so) that while this all appeals, I really wouldn’t want to have to deal with any of it. I mean just watching (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Tom Cruise’s near death experience from drowning really made me feel a bit sick—I’m so not cut out for this type of thing!

So why the enamor with all this glamour? Perhaps we secretly yearn to be a more adventurous lot and we are bored with the cards life has dealt or perhaps we just want to sit and watch a good movie. Either way, the mind wanderings generated by these adventurous films are always entertaining. Not to mention they make for great inspiration when it comes to writing. What do you all think? Why and what do you love about these types of films?

Happy writing this week and thanks for joining me!

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One Response to Enamored With the Glamour?

  1. bonniegwen says:

    I loved that movie – it was a great escape on a hot summer day and was full of inspiration ideas. Loved you Blog today Toni.

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