Finding Time To Read by Mandy Rosko

Okay, so I may have gotten a little hooked on subscription boxes lately. Namely the Bookworm boxes that Colleen Hoover is putting together for charity.


There’s more, like Owlcrate (which I keep missing because they sell out so quick), and Litcube (which I did manage to get and now just have to wait for), along with a couple of others, but here’s the thing…

As cool as these boxes are, my TBR pile is still disgustingly huge. At least when I buy my mangas, I can read them in an hour or so. That way they’re not just sitting around waiting to be read.

Of course, I still have some of those on my TBR pile, too 😛

Yeah, I’m the worst, so since I want to get through my Goodreads challenge, I need to find time to read. I’ve been doing this while walking the dog lately. So far I haven’t walked right into any trees while I was at the park with him. Audiobooks helps, but I really want to chip away at the pile of physical books I have since they’re somewhat harder to ignore than digital books :s

I also like to read while in bed, I guess since lying down is most comfortable when I have a hardback. Lately however, drawing practice has been taking up even more of my time along with writing, editing, and wasting time watching Kitchen Nightmares on Youtube.

Looking for inspiration here, what do all of you do to buy more time to read your no doubt enormous pile of books? Also, are you like me and still buy your books even though you have a ton of them?

Curious to know 😀







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