Happy Left Handers’ Day by Stacy Hoff

Left_hand  brain

Next week, Thursday, August 13th, is Left Handers’ Day. I’m right-handed, so why should I care? Let alone celebrate? Because “righties” can learn something from “lefties”—how to think on the right side of the brain.

For those of you not into psychology and neuroscience, our favored brain side is opposite   our dominant hand. Hence, right-handed people are mainly left-brain thinkers, and vice versa. Why does this matter? Because the left side of the brain governs logic and objectivity. The right side of the brain governs creativity and intuition. As writers, it is the right side of our brain we want to tap into. Hence, the advantage goes to the minority of writers (and all people) out there, the left handed.

Us righties have to struggle to put our emphasis on creativity and emotion. To think with our hearts instead of our heads. I guess that makes me a little envious of the left-handed. And that’s no left-handed compliment.

Which side of the brain do you rely on most?



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6 Responses to Happy Left Handers’ Day by Stacy Hoff

  1. summersrye says:

    Great post Stacy. I am predominately left handed, trying to live in a right handed world. I can most things fairly well with my right hand, especially when needed. However, there are some things just left use only.

  2. gailingis says:

    Thanks Stacy, terrific post. Geometry and farmer brown allude me. Art in any form jumps out to grab me. Schools favor the left-brain thinker, saving tax money by cancelling the arts. So sad. At this point, taking brain-thinker test, I am 50/50. Had to learn how to use my whole brain. Tough trip. Finally, I am doing what I love, all life has to offer!

  3. Belle Ami says:

    Thanks, Stacy, I actually didn’t know that! No wonder creativity in all of its forms is my bane or banner. I’m a 100% lefty since day one. My mother tells countless tales of trying to switch me to be a righty, however, no matter what she tried, and apparently she was diligent, nothing worked.

    • stacyhoff says:

      Belle, you’ve got a gift! You’re creative side is apparently determined to stay dominant.

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