The Discomfort of Change

Transition. Change. Transformation. All of them signify some sort of difference from point A to point B. It is cliché in saying that the only constant in life is change but wow is it sooo true and for some reason, it seems to be so much more prominent lately than before, or perhaps I’m just more aware of how fast it is all occurring.

My kids are growing at an immensely crazy rate (as most of us do during the first few years of our life) and with that come tons of changes. I’m hungry for every minute, second, hour I get with them and yet I do choose to work each day away from them, telling myself that it will be worth it in securing a better future. And then on the job front, my day time job is going through a transformation, which means a lot of change will be coming on the work side of things.

As I talk about this change with others around me who are experiencing the same issues or similar changes, I can’t help but wonder why it is that so many of us are uncomfortable with certain types of change or why we look forward to some types of change. Even more unnerving is the interim period where we are waiting for a change that may or may occur. I will share with you all (as I’ve had so many of these discussions lately) that what I’ve come to realize in life thus far, is that life is short and full of the unexpected. Change is a necessity as we continue to grow as a species, as humans, as companies, etc. But I’d also stress that even the worst changes will usually have something good with them. Admittedly, I couldn’t see any good in those moments but with time and healing, I have been able to continue growing and learning. I’m not sure if this is the solution but I’d have to think it is one way of surviving and pushing onward.

Whatever changes you all are experiencing this week or month or year, I wish you all success and strength. Happy writing this week.

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