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I think I always liked the idea of watching TV about books. Not just books that were made into movies or TV shows, but about people who read certain books, what they thought of them, and so on.

The problem was that, before Youtube, when I was still in highschool and had a dependency on what was on cable, the current BookTV option wasn’t that great. At least, I didn’t think so. Nothing that was on could really hold my attention. A lot of the time the hosts were talking about books I’d never heard of, or something classic, nonfiction or literary that didn’t really appeal to me at the time.

I guess readers on Youtube saw that something was missing. Especially the fans of Teen, New Adult, and Romances.

This is part of the reason why I wanted to try my hand at it. I don’t really know anyone else who reads and likes the same books that I do, though my sister in law occasionally borrows something on my TBR pile. I also thought it would be a nifty way to show people my face, what I’m like, and the things that I write.

Of course, with only three videos out now, the only thing I can really see for sure about myself is that I say the word Umm a lot. It takes a while to edit those out… :S

Regardless of how it turns out, I find that I actually like doing it. It’s weird how sitting in front of my computer and talking about the books I like, or the cools stuff that just came in the mail, could be so much fun. The long editing part could be easier, but oh well…

At least there will always be interesting things for me to watch whenever I forget that I have to do a blog post, right?


Mandy Rosko


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