Getting Back Into Sci-Fi by Mandy Rosko

Okay, so I think Earnest Cline is opening me up to all sorts of books and movies that I wasn’t even really aware of, or didn’t pay much attention to, outside of Star Wars and Mass Effect.

I think it all started with Ready Player One, and reading about all of those characters that I grew up watching on TV, namely Voltron, Power Rangers, you name it. Some things I didn’t even know about, like the Japanese Spider Man, which I still want to see 🙂

RP1         Armada

This has made me have more of an appreciation for video games and sci-fi, and now, after finishing A Town Called Dust, I’m working on getting through Armada.

Within the first two chapters of that book, there is a nice giant list of video games and movies involving space and/or aliens, with a couple named that involve teaching kids to learn how to fight their enemies using video games as a training method.

I love that. I can’t believe I still have yet to see Tron, or War Games. I’m a big believer in reading outside of your writing genre, but only lately have I been able to really get back into Sci-Fi. The movie Pixels recently came out, and I cannot wait to watch that.

I think it’s the mix of gaming and real life adventure that makes me love this sub-genre, which isn’t even as new as I thought it was. These are really the sorts of things that have been making me excited to read these things. Brings out the inner kid in me where I was still waiting to get my super powers and draw in the eye of a gorgeously tortured hero (or villain)

I think this has gotten me so excited for these stories. I honestly didn’t know what I was missing until lately. I just have this enormous urge to gobble them all up and put them on my shelf forever and ever 🙂 Now I’m on a mission to find anything epic involving video games. I need to rent War Games off of iTunes. I bet this stuff is excellent muse material for romance 😀

Anyway, it’s one good thing to think about while I update my Macbook so that I can reinstall iMovie and then finally start working on my next, overdue Youtube Video. Yay! 😀




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