Nurture Those Imaginations

Kids imaginations astound me. I was recently listing to a Freakanomics podcast (I am an absolute podcast junkie!) episode called Think Like a Child that talked about kids and their ability to see through magic versus adults who tend to overthink everything. Sounding vaguely familiar? It happens to me at work all the time. And yet perhaps this is why it is such a concern for us as we think about kids and technology and not going outside and using these imaginations, etc. I’m stating this as I’ve seen a gazillion articles or heard podcasts/radio shows/tv shows referencing children and the generational changes. Then again, I’ve also heard it is too soon to tell exactly how some of these changes are affecting our children.

But I digress… Where I’m going with this is how we hold on to this imagination as we get older to write amazing books/series out there like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Outlander, etc. I truly believe it is a matter of cultivating this imagination. Let me give another example…

Netflix recently came out with this series called Chef’s Table. Besides the fact that this series is just really nicely done (I love the opening scene/music, etc.), the one thing I noticed about a lot of these top chefs is their closeness to nature, to food, their interest in cultivating and nurturing a natural curiosity. Some of them were supported by families and some not as much, but there always seemed to be something about their environment that really pushed them in the direction of exploring their curiosity of food.

Sometimes, I wonder if our evolving world will lead to even greater fantastical explorations in literature and other times I wonder if we are moving away from it. The truth is the pendulum probably swings back and forth on a day to day basis, but I will say I’m an absolute proponent of letting the imagination take over (I imagine many authors are). Have fun with it. Each night my three-year-old and I head up to bed amidst the Hallelujah mountains (remember Avatar?) or Mt. Taranaki. It makes for some fun “exploring” and creativity and it’s just plain fun. How about you all, how do you nurture those imaginations?

Happy writing this week!

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