Another Week Down and My First Youtube Video by Mandy Rosko

Okay, time to take a breather. I got through another week of work and I feel like a champ. I still can’t believe I suckered myself into this workload, but as the days go by and a little more of that load is chipped away at each time, I feel better.

I need to get a checklist for these things. I know there’s an app out there or something. I should probably just go with a regular pen and paper, but I think I’d like this more if I could cross off several things from a list. That always made me feel awesome, like I was back in school or something and getting the checklist worked through.

Got next to no reading done except for a couple of Red Hood and the Outlaws comics, a manga, and another chapter of The Billionaire’s Bid on Wattpad. Aside from the manga, it’s nothing I can really tick off on my Goodreads challenge, and I never know if those are technically cheating or not. Oh well.

Also! On my list of things to get done, I finally put up my first Youtube video :3 It was an unboxing, and as much fun as it was, I kind of doubt that I’ll be doing a video every week. At least not until I get Internet with a better upload speed. It takes *forever* to upload videos to Youtube. Gotta fix that. Until then, I like that video, and I definitely want to do more, maybe putting my book reviews on there for sure, or just talking about the swag I’ll be getting for next year’s RTC 🙂 I already got some ideas and want to show them off.

Anyway, the video is nothing special, the lighting sucks, but it’s a first, and until I get paid, the camera I use will have to be from my laptop. I already have a camera in mind that I want, and I just recently bought a tripod from Amazon’s Prime day or whatever, so here’s hoping that the next video will look better. And that maybe I’ll know how to edit it better, too 😀

Here’s the link for anyone who wants to check it out. Finally see what I look like I suppose:

Pretty sure that’s the proper link. Does it bother anyone else that, when you record yourself, your voice never sounds the same on the recording as it does in your own head?




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