I’m Off To Nationals!

Ny-marriott-marquisI am leaving on Tuesday for the RWA National convention at the Mariott Marquis in New York. This will be my third national convention and looking back on it, I’ve come a very long way in three years. The first one I attended I was overawed the entire time. I attended a lot of workshops, I met my hero Jo Beverley and had a fan girl moment, and I pitched for the first time ever. I seriously did not think I would survive that, I almost had a meltdown, but I got through it and got requests.

Last year I was much more laid back. I attended some workshops, I was part of the Literacy signing and a signing by my publisher, Kensington. I attended a lot of parties, got a meeting with an agent at a party, and pitched again without the nervous meltdown. I drank a lot in the bar. LOL

This year I believe will also be completely different. First of all, I won’t be staying at the conference hotel, but with an author friend on her boat berthed at a marina in mid-town Manhattan. Logistics will be challenging. Then I have Kensington activities again, including a luncheon with major Kensington administrators. Can’t wait for that! I’m attending the General Meeting to report back to my chapter, as I’m the president. And I’m giving a workshop on Swag for the Romance Author.

At the moment I’ve got swag coming out of my ears because I’m taking chapter books, notepads, signature cards with favors on them, and lavender sachets. And that’s just the stuff I’m taking for the Goody Room. I’m also taking bags with swag for my workshop, and a couple of friends’ swag for my workshop and the Goody room. I hope if any of you are going to RWA, you’ll come to my workshop. Unfortunately, it’s on Saturday at 4:30 when everyone will be burnt out on workshops and getting ready for the RITA’s. But I hope you’ll be able to check it out.

I’ll also be pitching again, hopefully not only at the two arranged pitch sessions—RWA is a fantastic place for meeting agents and editors just about everywhere.

Throughout the week, I’ll be catching up with author friends and making new ones as well. Usually in the bar. I drink more at RWA than at any other time during the year. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to my week at the conference. If you see me, please come up and say, “Hey!”

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