Chugging Along By Mandy Rosko

Okay, so not a bad day for work if I do say so myself. Got my almost 5k words done today for my Siren book, another thousand words done for my Wattpad story The Arrangement, and after this blog post I’ll be handing in a set of edits before getting onto other things.

Not too bad considering I was complaining about taking on too much work last week. Which, by the way, is still going to haunt me until the Fall.

Speaking of taking on too much work, I’ve been wanting to start a Booktube channel. Which is insane because I already have no time as it is—and don’t know anything about lighting or editing videos—but I like the idea of putting my book reviews up like that, and maybe showing people my face from time to time. Right, because I have waaaay too much tome on my hands 😀

The point, I suppose, is that if I use my time wisely, am not always wasting it watching videos or playing games, then maybe I can actually get some work done, and potentially still have time to practice drawing (Something I super suck at but really want to learn how to do)

Until then, I find that everything’s going to move at a snail’s pace, but at least things will be getting done, even if I myself don’t always see the immediate results. Reading for this month is terrible. It’s the 14th and I have yet to finish one book for my Goodreads challenge. Need to get on that.

But hey, at least my outlines for the new Siren series is going well 🙂 Been getting hung up on the Jason Todd story from Batman, especially from Arkham Knight. Sooooo insanely sad and terrible. Getting a lot of inspiration from that.

Wow! What a scrambled post. Okay, maybe I’m a little more tired than I thought. I’m out! Gotta finish those edits before I put them off.




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3 Responses to Chugging Along By Mandy Rosko

  1. What a hard worker you are! I wish you the best if you get around to starting your book tube channel!

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