When is it Too Much? By Mandy Rosko

Okay, so I think I might have screwed myself a little this year, but hopefully I can still dig my way out.

I took on a lot of projects this year. Not a whole lot, but considering I need to write 105,000 words for Siren every month (sometimes a little less), it might be a little much. Basically, I signed myself up for four projects, some of which will go into digital box sets, and others that will just be parts of a series with other authors, and I’m also doing my Wattpad story, and then there are the edits for As Cold as Ice that were supposed to be done by now, but keep getting pushed back.

One of those box sets was canceled, but the story was still written and finished, Another is done and handed in, so that means I have two more stories to work on, along with the Wattpad story and As Cold As Ice.

And it’s already July.

I find myself stressing just a little about this, and figuring that I’ll have to push back what I can give to Siren in order to make these other stories fit properly into my schedule, and get them handed in by their proper deadlines. I’m pretty sure I can do it. I just need to stop messing around on Osu :S

Anyway, why would I take on so many projects? Well, part of it was because of my New Year’s Resolution.

Read more and write more.

I wanted to get as much written as possible, and so far I’m on track for keeping my goals, but I think I just looked up and realized it was the 7th month of the year, and now the jitters are starting to get to me.

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to know if anyone else, be you a writer, an artist, or someone else who lives by deadlines, do you do this to yourself? And if so, how do you find that it helps or hinders you?

I’d love to hear some answers on this one. Might also keep me motivated :3




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2 Responses to When is it Too Much? By Mandy Rosko

  1. jannakaixer says:

    I do this all the time! I’m a pro at not only taking on too much, but double-booking myself in the process which leads to some very stressful times! If it weren’t for the deadlines and all the projects though, I don’t think I’d ever get anything solid written, so it’s for a good cause. The thing that helps me the most in managing all I do is my bullet-journal which allows me to ‘see’ my days, weeks, months and year. But this is a double-edged sword as the more I think about the amount of work ahead of me, the more I start to freak out. To combat this, I set aside at least one day a week/fortnight as a ‘me’ day – a planned blank day to do what I want stress free. I hate saying ‘no’ to people but if something falls on this day, it’s not going to happen and thus needs to be moved. And that’s basically what keeps me sane along with my many cups of tea (procrastination), chocolate, and bullet-journal.

    Loved your post by the way!


    • Hey, thanks for that! Mandy here, using Susan’s account because I’m lazy and still don’t have a wordpress account. Anyway, the bullet journal sounds awesome. The closest thing I have to that would be my calendar, which has some deadlines written on it, due dates, reminder to pay rent, that sort of thing. I *need* my calendar, but whenever it comes to keeping a journal, it’s like it just doesn’t happen. My brain doesn’t want to keep track of what I’m doing or wasting my time on and it’s kind of a bummer since it sounds like a much better idea than what I’m doing.

      First three to five days of the month are my me days, play video games all day long, or work on other pet projects I didn’t have time for before. That’s how I relax, lol. Maybe I need a good soda addiction to keep me awake longer for more work. Or procrastinating, either way 🙂

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