Goodreads Challenges by Mandy Rosko

My bragging post of the week!

Last year I epically failed my Goodreads challenge, and it was only 50 books. I probably already wrote about this at some point, but I can’t really remember. I also added another book to my completed list yesterday and was super happy about it, so I wanted to write about this.

So far my New Years challenge of writing more, reading more, and losing a little weight, is actually coming swimmingly. I say this now, but tomorrow I’ll check the scale and realize I still have stretch marks and…whatever. Back to books! The reading and writing challenges are healthier than ever. I love it.

I’ve mostly read Teen books since I’ve been getting back into that. Me missing my youth. Sigh. Well, either way, I’ve been making good progress, and I might actually beat the challenge, too. Some of the books I added on were short, like, read in an hour type of short, so if I overshoot my goal, I’ll at least feel like I wasn’t cheating. The counter says I’m 8 books ahead of schedule (I think)

Anyway. Just wanted to share all this good news. I know I make things a little easier for myself by listening to audio books, but it just makes things easier when I’m walking the dog. Turns out I can read while at the dog park, but don’t get so many pages in compared to listening to the book. This can be a plus and a minus since I prefer to read the words on the page, but it helps when you don’t have much time.

The writing is going excellent as well. I’m on schedule to hand in my next Siren book tomorrow, and after that I start the Christmas story I’m to be working on for a box set :3 I also added another chapter to my Wattpad Billionaire story yesterday. I had to warn readers that the next chapter probably won’t be up until the fifth while I work on said Christmas story, but I think it will be all right. So far people seem to really like it, which is awesome since I’ve never written Billionaire style books.

So far it’s got 650 views on it. Nowhere near as impressive as the other books that have a couple hundred thousand, or a million plus, but still pretty awesome for me 🙂

Tomorrow my awesome newsletter goes out with free and sale books linked in it, and I think I’m just high on sugar right now because I’m kind of jumpy with the excitement all this stuff give me 😀

Cheers, and Happy Reading!



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One Response to Goodreads Challenges by Mandy Rosko

  1. kphoenix1 says:

    Cheers to you! I always wanted to try audio books, but like reading also.

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