Do You Know Your Audience?

This past weekend I was reading sales books for research and I came across one called The Language of Influence. I didn’t get very far in it before I had to leave the bookstore but I’m still considering purchasing it. Anyway, I digress. The reason I brought up this book is because the first couple chapters talk about personalizing the sale to the type of buyer you encounter. Then of course I couldn’t help but thinking about the audience we as writers aim for.

Writing is slightly different (or I believe it should be) so let me explain. As a writer and most definitely as an author, I believe the majority of times it is so easy to get caught up in what is popular, what is the desired theme or subject we write. This can come as a result of chasing a “sale” or trying to play into what an agent or publisher wants. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with this IF it aligns with what is inside you to write. Basically, don’t force yourself to write something because someone else tells you to. If it isn’t something that interests you, it won’t work out. Plain and simple and definitely something I try to live by.

So what does this mean? Well, to me it means that what I choose to write determines my audience rather than me just determining my audience beforehand. But, I will say that once you do have a target audience, it is important to get to know them. What is it about your books that they like? Can you get to know them and engage them further in the world you create? This is really important when it comes to more of the marketing and social media sites, which honestly I will say is about half of an author’s job.

Moral of today? Get to know your audience and let them get to know you, your characters and the world you create. This will surely make  your job as an author more enjoyable and somewhat easier (if that word is even applicable!)

Happy writing today!

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