Wattpad Stories and Updates by Mandy Rosko

Sooooooooo, I have to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying using Wattpad. They say you need to update every day or so to get good traction, I’m assuming every two or three days at the very latest, but yeah, I’m liking this. I’m kind of nervous that I’m going to run out of chapters and not be able to keep up with the updates, but for now, this is pretty great.

The last time I updated my story, The Arrangement, was three days ago, and it had about 161 views on it. This rounds out to only a couple of readers, but I was happy with that number. 161 seems like a lot, so I was pleased and looking forward to two hundred. Little did I expect that I would log on today to make an update, and see it at 244 views. I thought that would take me a few more updates, but now it looks like I’m going to be shooting for the 300 mark pretty soon.

Again, I know that’s not a lot, some chapters don’t have more than 10 reads on them, but I like this. It reminds me of when I used to write fanfiction, and the engagement I would get. I like being able to post a story chapter by chapter and see that people are reading it and clicking the favorite button. So far I have only one comment, but since it’s the only one it therefore became the favorite 🙂

The lack of comments means that people are being nice and not pointing out the fact that there are probably a lot of grammar errors in this book so far. I haven’t exactly had the chance to edit it, but this is mainly a test to see if the story will be enjoyable, even though it’s already up for preorder on Kobo and iBooks. I really need to check B&N to see if it got on there. I keep getting lazy and forgetting :S

So that’s my cool update into my Wattpad adventures. Here’s to 300!



P.S, for anyone reading this who happens to be curious, here’s the link if you wanted a free Billionaire Bad Boy story to read: http://www.wattpad.com/user/Mandyrosko



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