What Do You See?

This past week I went to a leadership symposium meant to motivate and perhaps inspire action and to some degree, I do believe it has done that, at least in my case. But what I really wanted to bring up today was how it also changed my viewpoint beyond leadership. As part of one “module” our facilitators shared a quote said by Vikram Dewan about his experience as CEO of the Philadelphia Zoo. His quote says (and I may be paraphrasing):

When you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see.

Vikram Dewan lived these words and out of that came the Philadephia Zoo’s 360. I highly recommend  you check it out on their website as the idea is pretty amazing. Even more, the more I thought about the quote, all I could say was “wow!” It is so simple but so meaningful in my mind. Our session instructors went on to talk about defining ourselves by our potential versus our constraints, creating an environment that rewards motivation and effort and nurturing that growth mindset that opens us up to risk, pushing the envelope and hopefully taking the route of more innovative ideas and experiences. It’s moments and words like these that truly make me love the power within words and their meanings.

As a writer, we often tend to confine ourselves by the constraints of others whether they be agents, publishers, the industry of readers. What’s interesting is that despite the fact that these constraints come from various sources, they are still constraints we tend to place on ourselves. Most of the time, a reader or a publisher just asks for a good book or more of a certain type of genre. Sometimes we are a fit for that request, but sometimes we aren’t. Moral of today’s blog? Write what is in you to write. It will find its purpose and you can then think of the possibilities versus the constraints or even the guidelines.

Happy writing this week and have fun with it!

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