This Week In Reading by Mandy Rosko

So, lately, I’ve been getting requests to do reviews on Goodreads, which has been really humbling and ego stroking for me since my reviews get posted to Amazon and Goodreads, and not to my Blog or anything (Which I really need to update). I’ve got a couple of books to get to, and am part way through one of them before I get to the others. After Dallas, my huge TBR pile got even bigger, so it’s taken me a while to get to them. Thankfully, the authors were made aware of this before I took on their books.

This is interesting to me. It was like I got these requests out of nowhere, or it could’ve been the jump in books I’ve been reading and reviewing this year, which is a jump compared to last year when I went through a weird phase where I bought a ton of books and read very few of them, because I was also buying a ton of videogames, and playing a bunch of them in addition to the writing I was doing.

I’m not going to be naming these books or their authors here, not unless I can give them 4 or 5 stars, and also because I’m pretty sure that these books are not romance themed, though there might be some romantic elements in them. I noticed that I like to read the sort of books that I don’t have an easy time writing, and it seems some people took notice of that and sent me some cool Sci-fi and Dystopian ebooks to read 🙂

Anyway, I was curious if this has happened to anyone else? When I write a review, I do it because I want to help out the author, especially if they happened to give me a free book. It seems only fair that I pay them with a review, and though I’ve got a set of rules for how I’ll be reviewing these, I’m also aware that I need to be careful since I’m an author and I don’t want to be stomping all over someone else’s work. I think I have a good way to do these reviews, however. Another author I know does this, and it seems to work out well for her, so I’ll give it a try, though for now, I won’t mention what it is.

Are any of you readers out there also writers? What do you do when requested to read a book for a review? Do you review books? Or do you feel you can’t since you don’t want to judge someone else’s work while still practicing your own craft? I’m very curious to know 🙂

Cheers until next week,



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