What Does Your Gut Say?

One of the best pieces of advice I got was from a peer I used to work with who told me that my “gut” wasn’t merely a feeling of intuition or a hint of my senses, but it was built off an accumulation of my life’s experiences. “Trust it,” he said. “It doesn’t just come out of nowhere, it is essentially you.”

The older I get, the more I value this. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is plenty I’ve seen and experienced that could certainly steer me the wrong way. But I’d also say as we grow and see more in this world, most of us can stand up and say what we’ve seen or experienced that is either wrong or right–basically, what we hope to emulate and what we hope to banish from this world to some degree.

I bring this up as many times when we sit down to write, especially early on in the writing process, we usually have a purpose or a drive to write something, get some sort of character or plot on paper. While many times, this first experience can be a bit rough as we haven’t fully gotten the entire concept of a story down, it’s important to embrace this “rough draft” because it is representative of what is in us to write. It is our gut driving what is essentially ours. That being said, our gut can also tell us when we’ve written something that is complete rubbish, but we aren’t quite ready to admit it because that would mean we wasted time. Or does it? It could just mean we’ve spent a bit of a round about way learning something that won’t work (that is my optimist speaking). Either way, moral of this week is to trust your gut… whatever it is saying AND that also requires you stop and listen.

Happy writing this week!

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