Truly Inspired

Have you ever been inspired? Truly inspired? As a writer, it’s the most wonderful thing to TorreyPineshave the words rolling so fast that your fingers can’t hardly keep up. But I’d also say that type of inspiration is definitely a higher degree of inspiration.

“What?” you say. “There are higher degrees of inspiration?”

Well, the truth be told I’m not sure, but I’m sure a Google search will yield you an abundance of information. Still, going off simple feelings I have to imagine there are different degrees. Sometimes a mere video or phrase or photo or image can inspire enough to change your mood. Other times, they can inspire you for days, even more, they can inspire you to make a difference, take some action.

This past weekend, my family and I went to San Diego. We spent a couple days visiting the Torrey Pines Reserve and its surrounding area and I have to say that it left me inspired. I’m not quite sure how inspired yet as I’m still feeling the “waves.” Perhaps it was withdrawal from living in the desert and seeing palm trees everywhere but not water. Or perhaps my time away from writing is getting a little too long. Watching the waves reach forward and dip back made me feel as if they were luring me in, kind of like my writing. Each day it seems to call out a bit more, pulling me in to spend just a bit of time there. I know one day I will no longer have to resist.

Happy writing this week and may you feel inspired soon!

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